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2015 City Six Sevens Series

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The City Six was originally born out of the EPRU Collegiate Division in 2010. The teams that traditionally make up the City Six include Penn, Villanova, St. Joe's, Temple, LaSalle and Drexel. 

At the 2015 City Six, which took place April 1 at St. Joe’s, Drexel topped Villanova 29-14 in the final, making the Dragons city rugby champs. In a show of parity for the Philly Big Six, all six teams went 1-1 in pool play making the semis and finals based on point differential. 


Drexel 29 - Villanova 14 (Villanova defeated Drexel in pool play)


Drexel 26 - Penn 12
Villanova over Temple


St. Joes over LaSalle

Pool Matches

St. Joes 19 - Villanova 12
Drexel 22 - St. Joes 5
Drexel 12 - Villanova 22
Temple 26 - LaSalle 10
Penn 19 - Temple 5
Penn 5 - LaSalle 15

The City Six is an extension of the Big Five known for it's college basketball with the sixth team in the series being Penn's neighbor Drexel University.


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