Friday November 22, 2019 to Sunday November 24, 2019
The Bowl Series is BACK for 2019

2019 Bowl Series

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@UBowlSeries The Bowl Series is back for 2019. URugby expects 10 collegiate bowl matches and as many high school matches.

The Bowl Series is Back

The Bowl Series is a collegiate championship rugby event presented by URugby that started in 2014 and ran through 2016. For 2019, The Bowl Series is back. This year's event will run for 3 days from Friday November 22nd through Sunday November November 24th. The event has the history of offering the very best in high school and college rugby as conference champions and select elite sides go head-to-head in this premier rugby invitational.

The 2014 Bowl Series inaugural event was held at Charlotte’s Rugby Athletic Center. This series consisted of matched, in traditional bowl format, the very best college rugby teams from around the country.

The 2015 Bowl Series was fantastic! The University of Delaware visited Iona College's campus for one of ten bowl matches in 2015. Nine other matches were held in Charlotte, NC. The 2015 event was marked by close contests and dramatic finishes, including the down-to-the-wire Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference Championship and an Indiana-Kutztown game Alex Goff called an "instant classic".

The exuberance that only the Bowl Series provides was held in New Rochelle, NY on the campus of Iona College. The  2016 Bowl Series featured host Iona College, Stony Brook University, American International College and University of Delaware amoung others. The event will be electric! High school sevens matches were featured in 2016 as six teams acted as 1/2 time entertainment, but ended up taking over the show. 

College Fair at the Bowl Series 

Colleges, parents and future college students, the college fair returns to the Bowl series in 2019.

Sat-Sun 11a-4p Nov 23-24, 2019

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