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Gonzaga/Exiles Win Sully Sevens

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The 5th annual Sully 7s came to Gonzaga College High school in Washington, DC on Saturday 9/12.

The day opened with Team Galaxy vs Team New York City, followed by young kids touch, Md Exiles, Loudon and Washington. The main sevens touch tournament (12 teams) saw the first 100 players get free Sully 7s Jerseys.

The turnout saw a great turnout despite the rain.

The Gonzaga/Exiles U16 were winners of the tournament, going 5-0 including beating a (depleted) Team Galaxy, who had beaten New York to advance to the finals.

Pride Alumni were also a very strong team, pushing New York and Galaxy to the edge. But in the end it was the Gonzaga/Exiles phenomenal ball retention that led to their 2-1 victory. Impressive skills for young kids in sloppy conditions.

The winners sported their AHS7s championship jerseys from Surfside Sevens in the winners circle!

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