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Harvard 36 - Brown 17

Saturday September 26, 2015 - 12:00 AM
September 26, 2015 - 9:30AM @ Comstock Field

The Harvard men hosted and defeated Brown at Cumnock Fields in the Harvard Athletics Complex by a score of 36-17. 

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Harvard Freshman Daniel with a run up the side for the first try of the game 7-0 Harvard over Brown

Excellent try off a maul by Brown's fly-half Thomas Keelan converted by Alek Coben to tie the game 7-7

Slip up the middle for a try Collins converts Harvard 14 - Brown 7 

A try out of a maul by captain John Landers makes the game 14-12 Harvard after a missed conversion

Slip with another try .. Brian Cornyn with the last minute offload conversion is off the bottom post

Harvard 19 - Brown 12 with a missed conversion

Halftime: Harvard 19 (3) - Brown 12 (2)

The second half is underway, with Brown trailing by a try.

Brown try off a monster maul! Unconverted try by Alex Hester makes the game 19-17 Harvard

Slip up the side with the offload from freshman Daniel .. That's a hat trick for Slip. Harvard 24 - Brown 17 

Another quick try for Harvard, Daniel up the side for a try slipping the 12 ... Conversion is good 31-17 Harvard About 7 minutes left in the game

Harvard is relentless, and another try for Crimson ... Jimmy up the middle for a try.. Offload from Diesel.. makes the score 36-17 after the missed conversion

The final score is 36-17 Harvard over Brown at the Harvard rugby pitch

Is Dartmouth leaving a door open in 2015?

After Dartmouth's three straight losses at home in the last two weeks to East Coast Rugby Conference perennial powers Boston College and American International College and then Navy, is this the year that another team in the Ivies breaks through? Dartmouth has won the men's Ivy Rugby Conference title each year since 2008. In 2008 Harvard defeated Dartmouth in OT 28-25. The tournament held at Brown that year was a two day affair. In actuality, since the league has moved to the present season-long contest, beginning in 2010, Dartmouth has reigned supreme.

So, Brown and Harvard meet Saturday morning at Harvard. We'll see how the match turns out and if either team can challenge Dartmouth for the league title this year.

Comstock Field