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Madison Motley Burns Heat Elite in College Final

Madison Motley and the Heat Elite both brought very physical play and a no-holds-barred attitude to the Men’s College Cup Final at Surfside Sevens 2015. 

Close throughout, both sides fought hard for gains as the sun sank low over the Stone Harbor Recreation Fields on Saturday evening. When it was all over, Madison Motley stood victorious by a final score of 19-14.

Collegiate rugby at Surfside Sevens

The contest capped an afternoon of great collegiate play punctuated by the return of the University of Delaware to competition after a three-year suspension. The Blue Hens were 2-0 in pool play before falling to Heat Elite, a team made up of college-age players from the Hampton Roads area, in the semis. 

Madison Motley, from James Madison University, shut out a formidable Sultry Seagull Septet squad to reach the final game. 

For the Madison men, the victory redeemed last year’s loss to the NJ Blaze in the 2014 Cup Final.  

Men’s College Results


Cup Final: Madison Motley 19 - Heat Elite 14
Plate Final: Holy Family 7 - Ville Rugby 42


Heat Elite 30 - Blue Hens 17
Madison Motley 27 - Sultry Seagulls 0
Ville Rugby 27 - Villanova 7
Holy Family 21 - West Chester 14

Pool Play

Round 2
Madison Motley 34 - Holy Family 12
Villanova 0 - Sultry Seagull Septet 17
Heat Elite 26 - Ville Rugby 15
Blue Hens 19 - West Chester 5

Round 1
Villanova 14 - Holy Family 17
Madison Motley 24 - Sultry Seagull Septet 10
Blue Hens 17 - Ville Rugby 14
Heat Elite 26 - West Chester 12