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2017 USA Islanders Rugby Jersey Design Unveiled

The USA Islanders rugby jersey design focuses on paying a respectful homage to island heritage and USA roots. By transforming the USA Islanders tribal-influenced logo into a larger scale rendered in white, as well as adapting a tribal design for the blue and red sleeves sides.

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Book Your Hamilton Princess Room for the August 10th Matches

Hamilton Princess

Book your room for the Saracens v. USA Islanders and the Collegiate Rugby Cup featuring the Republic of Texas All-Stars vs the Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars at the beautiful Hamilton Princess. Rooms are priced for the rugby budget.

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Relax at Bermuda's Serene Tobacco Bay Beach

Tobacco Bay Beach

Today, Tobacco Bay beach remains a top tourist destination because of its unique attractions. Set in a layaway, surrounded by unique rock formations with cozy beach and expansive, shallow bay, Tobacco Bay beach is perfect for families and worry free fun with the concession offering a full spectrum of amazing beach experiences.

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Finish your vacationing by watching the #ISLvsSAR Rugby Game!

Take time out of your vacation to watch the USA Islanders vs Saracens rugby game! A must for any sports enthusiast, the exciting, fast-paced game is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat keeping score!

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