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It's All About U

With 40 days to go as we prep for spring sevens, we want you to know that it really is all about you. At both locations this spring collegiate teams will be asked to just show up ready to play. We will take care of all the rest. 

URugby Sevens Philadelphia April 11-12 »

URugby Sevens Virginia Beach (ACRC 7s) April 25-26 »

All men's and women's teams are invited to attend. A, B and developmental teams are also welcome for both events.

About URugby

URugby Philadelphia and URugby Virginia Beach and the ACRC 7s are managed by URugby, a division of Sevens Sports LLC, a sports event management and marketing company specializing in creating great experiences around the sport of rugby. For more information, contact or call Stephen Siano at 610.389.4474