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Kutztown This Weekend! Pools, Matchups and More

Some of the best teams in the East converge on the campus of Kutztown University Saturday, April 23 for the annual Kutztown 7s. Come on out! Kutztown always draws a great crowd and offers excellent facilities for college rugby. Read More »  

All matches will be broadcast live on KUTV from 9am to 6pm » 

Pools and Matches Set

Pools are set for the 20 teams coming to Kutztown. 

Pool A: Kutztown 1, Drexel, Rowan, Columbia 1
Pool B: St. Bonaventure, Middlebury, Penn, Susquehanna
Pool C: New England, Buffalo, Heat Elite, Villanova
Pool D: Colgate, St. Joseph, Kutztown 2, Lehigh
Pool E (Dev): Middlebury 2, Rowan 2, Colgate 2, Columbia 2  

9a Rowan 2 vs Middlebury Colgate 2 vs Columbia 2
9:20a Drexel vs Rowan Kutztown 1 vs Columbia 1
9:40a Middlebury vs Penn St Bonaventure vs Susquehanna
10a Buffalo vs Heat Elite New England vs Villanova
10:20a St Joseph vs Kutztown 2 Colgate vs Lehigh
10:40a Middlebury 2 vs Colgate 2 Rowan 2 vs Columbia 2
11a Kutztown 1 vs Rowan Drexel vs Columbia 1
11:20a St. Bonaventure vs Penn Middlebury vs Susquehanna
11:40a New England vs Heat Elite Buffalo vs Villanova
12p Colgate vs Kutztown 2 St. Joseph vs Lehigh
12:20p Columbia 2 vs Middlebury 2 Colgate 2 vs Rowan 2
12:40p Kutztown 1 vs Drexel Rowan vs Columbia 1
1p St. Bonaventure vs Middlebury Penn vs Susquehanna
1:20p New England vs Buffalo  Heat Elite vs Villanova
1:40p Colgate vs St Joseph

Kutztown 2 vs Lehigh

Playoffs and championship matches to follow from  2 to 6 p.m.

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ACRC7s Come to Virginia Beach April 30-May 1

The #ACRC7s at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex feature 2015 ACRC7s champion Kutztown University, 10-time national semifinalist Penn State, perennial powerhouses Navy, Delaware, St. Joe’s, James Madison, Drexel, Lehigh and Stony Brook; and local Tidewater favorites Hampton Heat Elite and Old Dominion University. Matches take place Saturday from 10a-4p and Sunday from 10a-3p. Admission is $5 per day (kids under 12 free). Learn More »