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Video: Tackling the Correct Way

Rugby has contributed a lot to football's changing ideas about tackling in recent years and football is starting to return the favor. In this highly informative video, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll teaches the right way to tackle, which he freely acknowledges is the rugby way. 

This video is worth watching for all who coach rugby tackling. The methods and techniques are awesome—well thought out and well presented. Even though they are about football the video is a must-see for all rugby players coaches and trainers.

With traumatic head injuries a growing concern in football, coaches like Carroll are on the leading edge of introducing new techniques designed to minimize the chance of injury while preserving the physical toughness and excitement of the game.

Rugby Tackling: Football's Big Idea

Seahawks players employ six approaches to tackling—dubbed the Hawk tackle, the Hawk roll tackle, the profile tackle, strike zone, tracking and the compression tackle—all of which employ shoulder leverage and can be drilled without equipment, ideas long-familiar to any rugby player.     

The Seahawks' conversion to rugby technique is no accident. Seattle is also the home of Serevi Rugby and, as The Guardian newspaper puts it, "ideas have been swapped and rugby coaches have, indeed, helped the Seahawks work on their tackling."

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