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New Rochelle Physical Therapy

New Rochelle Physical Therapy maintains a philosophy that patients become symptom free as quickly as possible. They customize the physical therapy to meet the individual needs of their patients. New Rochelle PT understands that people move a certain way and with repetitive movement and sustained postures injury results. Treatment goals of their practice are aimed at preventing the condition from recurring, as well as alleviating the existing discomfort.

New Rochelle PT is one of the very few independent physical therapy practices that put education at the forefront of practice, meeting regularly with the entire therapy staff for educational time and in-services. They do quite a bit of research in P.T. and have created the only LE-Rehab Machine that works with patients muscular system and nervous system allowing recovery at a much faster rate.

New Rochelle PT has also created courses for P.T. for CEU credits.

466 Main Street Suite 200 New Rochelle, 
NY 10801 (Corner of North & Main)
(914) 632-1100