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Bermuda Stars VS Dartmouth University II

Sat, Mar 16, 2024 - 4:24 pm ADT

Dartmouth White Team vs. Bermuda All-Stars (5th Place Game)

In their final game of the tournament, Dartmouth’s White team played the Bermuda All-Stars, with the winner taking home the 5th place award.  Dartmouth got the first try of the game, as Waller “Texas” Dixon scored a try at 3:13 to put Dartmouth up 5-0 (the conversion kick was missed).  Devin Kruse followed a couple minutes later with another try for Dartmouth at 5:51. He converted his own try, extending Dartmouth’s lead to 12-0, which would be the score at halftime.  Dartmouth would continue their strong effort in the second half.  Carr Urschel scored a try at 11:11 (the conversion kick was missed), pushing Dartmouth’s lead even further to a commanding 17-0.  Bermuda would score their first try at 12:50 but it was too little too late, as this would be their only try of the game.  The final score was 17-5 Dartmouth, representing an exciting ending to the White team’s tournament.

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