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Dartmouth University II VS Iona University

Fri, Mar 15, 2024 - 8:37 pm ADT

Dartmouth White Team vs. Iona University

Coming off a tough loss against Iowa State’s first team in their previous match, Dartmouth’s White team found themselves with their back up against the wall, needing a big win against a strong Iona team (who had started the tournament 2-0) to secure a spot in the next day’s championship bracket.  Dartmouth was the perceived underdog in this game, with the announcer saying as much as the boys took the field.  Dartmouth kicked the ball deep to begin the game and put together a string of dominating tackles against the Iona attack, leaving no doubt that they would not go down easily.  At 3:15, Grayson Segars scored the game’s first try.  The conversion kick was made to put Dartmouth out to an early 7-0 lead.  Just a minute later, at 4:27, Dartmouth scored another try, this time by Gabe Riordan.  Devin Kruse made the conversion kick, making Dartmouth’s lead 14-0.  Later in the half, at 6:10, Gabe Riordan scored another try, making an exceptional play by catching the ball behind his back and taking the ball in about 50 meters for the score.  While the conversion kick was missed, this try extended Dartmouth’s lead to 19-0, completely upending any underdog narrative there may have been coming into the game.  This would be the score heading into the half.  Motivated, with a fiery look in their eyes, the Big Green were amped up for the second half and ready to run through a brick wall for their fellow ruggers.  Dartmouth continued to play well in the second half.  Iona did manage to score two tries in the half, but Dartmouth was able to score a try of their own, as Waller “Texas” Dixon gracefully dove into the try zone at 10:45 (the conversion kick was missed).  The final score of the game was 24-14 Dartmouth. The win secured the White team’s place in the championship bracket the next day.

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