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Dartmouth University II VS Rowan University

Fri, Mar 15, 2024 - 5:00 pm ADT

Dartmouth White Team vs. Rowan University

In Dartmouth’s first game of the Bermuda International 7s Tournament, and the first game overall for Dartmouth on the Bermuda Tour, the Dartmouth White team faced off against Rowan University.  The game got off to a slow start, with several scrums in the first 2 minutes of the game.  Finally, at 3:15, # 13 of Rowan University broke away to score a try.  The conversion was good, making the score 0-7 Rowan University.  At 5:22, Rowan University’s #3 committed a penalty as Ben Williams was trying to kick the ball through the defense, resulting in a yellow card.  Shortly after the yellow card, Devin Kruse nearly scored and was tackled about 5 meters from the try zone, but he had the wherewithal to quickly pop the ball up to Marco Landicino, who then took the ball in for the try at 5:36.  The try was followed by a conversion from Devin Kruse, tying the score at 7-7.  To close out the half, a Rowan University player found a gap in Dartmouth’s defense, nearly scoring, but Greyson Segars, showing impressive speed, was able to chase him down a couple meters from the try zone to prevent the score.  Moving on to the second half, Rowan University’s #12 scored a try at 8:22, subsequently followed by a conversion, bringing the score to 7-14 Rowan University.  Shortly thereafter, Rowan University scored another try, this time by #9.  The conversion was missed though, making the score 19-7 Rowan University.  At 13:50, the lightning-quick freshman Dante Wofford was able to outrun the Rowan defense and score a try. Unfortunately, C.J. Wheelan badly missed the conversion, leaving the score at 12-19 in favor of Rowan University, which was the final score of the game.

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