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Dartmouth University VS Saratoga Jockeys

Fri, Mar 15, 2024 - 5:24 pm ADT

Dartmouth Green Team vs. Saratoga Jockeys Rugby Club

Dartmouth’s Green team began their Bermuda International 7s Tournament by playing the Saratoga Jockeys rugby club.  At 3:15, Saratoga’s #12 received a yellow card for an intentional knock on. This man advantage shifted the momentum in Dartmouth’s favor as Luke Wilson scored a try shortly thereafter at 3:49. Luke Morrow missed the conversion, making the score 5-0 Dartmouth.  Later in the half, at 6:05, freshman Louis De Portales made a beautiful offload to Owen Lee right as he was being tackled, which Owen Lee then took in 10 meters for the try.  Luke Morrow kicked the conversion through, bringing the score to 12-0 Dartmouth.  Following the half, #9 of Saratoga scored a try at 9:00.  This was followed by a conversion kicked through by Saratoga’s #7, making the score 12-7 Dartmouth.  Later, in the games closing minute (14:50), #8 of Saratoga scored a try, but the conversion kick was not made, leaving the final score of the game as a tie, 12-12.

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