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Saratoga Jockeys VS Dartmouth University II

Sat, Mar 16, 2024 - 12:24 pm ADT

Dartmouth White Team vs. Saratoga Jockeys Rugby Club (Quarterfinals)

In their first game of the championship bracket, the White Team (8 seed) squared off against the 1st seed Saratoga Jockeys (whom the Green team had battled to a gritty tie in their first match of the tournament). The boys’ energy was high coming off their thrilling win against Iona the night before. Unfortunately, things would not end up going Dartmouth’s way.  In the first half, Saratoga was able to successfully stymie Dartmouth’s offense while scoring two tries of their own (both by #6), bringing the halftime score to 14-0 in favor of Saratoga. Dartmouth showed some life to start off the second half when, at 8:37, Gabe Riordan scored a try (the conversion was missed), cutting Saratoga’s lead down to 14-5. At 11:03 Saratoga’s #6 would answer back with his 3rd try of the game, extending Saratoga’s lead to 21-5, which would be the final score.  This loss tragically marked an end to the White team’s run at the tournament championship.

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