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University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in Saint Louis VS Dartmouth University

Fri, Mar 15, 2024 - 8:13 pm ADT

Dartmouth Green Team vs. University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis

Coming off their big win against the Bermuda All-Stars, Dartmouth’s Green team looked to follow up that performance with a strong showing against the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis (UHSP) Eutectics.  They started the game strong, jumping out a 7-0 lead at 0:30 with a try by Tevita “The Tongan terror” Moimoi and a conversion by Luke Morrow.  This was followed by two unanswered tries for Dartmouth, one by Luke Morrow at 4:30 (Morrow made the conversion kick), and by Captain Danny Locascio at 6:00 (the conversion kick was not made), bringing the score to 19-0 at half.  The second half went just as well as the first for Dartmouth.  Owen Lee jolted past the defense to score a try at 8:10.  Unfortunately the conversion kick was missed, making the score 24-0 in favor of Dartmouth.  Shortly thereafter, Tevita Moimoi utilized an absolutely disgusting goose step to blow by a defender for his second try of the game at 9:30.  The conversion kick was made by Terence “Scary Terry” Faherty, extending Dartmouth’s lead to 31-0.  To cap off Dartmouth’s convincing victory, Hunter Binney showed off his exceptional speed to score a try at 11:00 (conversion kick missed), ballooning Dartmouth’s commanding lead to 36-0.  That would be the final score of the game, bringing the Green Team’s record for the first day of the tournament to 2-0-1, putting them in a strong position within the championship bracket for the second day of the tournament.

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