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Coastal Carolina (W)

Since their club's founding in 2016, they have built women's rugby at Coastal Carolina from the ground up. They are a state-recognized team that has participated in state and national tournaments.

Our accomplishments include:

  • 8th in Nationals (2018)

  • 1st at Rucktoberfest (AppState 2021)

  • 3rd in State Championship (Lander 2022)

  • 9th in the Nation for DI bracket (New Orleans 2022)

  • Conference Champions 15’s (2022)

  • 6th in the Nation for DII bracket (2023)
  • 3 members made the U23 team for summer 2023

Although they find great success in their program, most of their players have never seen a rugby ball before their first practice. Coastal encourages everyone to go and try out. Their accredited coaching staff and experienced senior players will educate and empower you to succeed on and off the field.

The club offers trips away, team merch, and outside-of-practice study groups.