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The Harvey School (HSG)

The Harvey School, located in Katonah, NY, started a girl’s high school rugby program in the spring 2014. The girls’ first year roster had 20 CIPPed players, which expanded to 30 the following year. At the time Harvey was one of only three high school girls’ rugby programs in southern New York.

The Harvey girls varsity rugby team made history as the Lady Cavaliers played their first league match against New York Rugby Club High School Program at Randall's Island Park in Manhattan on Saturday, May 10, 2014. The girls played just two matches in that first season. 

In only its second year (2015), the team has already brought in two local transfer students. That spring Harvey played a total of five matches. Harvey’s official season begins in earnest in April each year.

While most high school programs in the area start in March, Harvey has a two-week spring break during that month. Taking advantage of the break, Head Coach Ciara Lehane, was able to make Harvey history by establishing the first-ever spring training trip for a girls’ team to Bermuda. The girls return to Bermuda in the spring of 2017.