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Siena College

The Siena Men’s Rugby Team was founded in 1973 and has grown into one of the top teams in the Northeast. The team carries 30-40 players and competes against some of the best competition the Northeast has to offer. As a member of the New York State Rugby Conference, the team has made repeated trips to the Championship Tournament.

Over the years, Siena Rugby has been very successful winning the 1984 and 1985 State Championships. The 1990 team advanced to the Northeast Rugby Union quarterfinals. The late nineties saw Siena once again rise to the top of their division. In 1998, the team made an appearance in the NYSRC playoffs, and in 2000 advanced once again to the Northeast quarterfinals. The 2002 team made Siena history winning the New York State title.

Siena Rugby has and will always carry around a sense of pride in representing themselves and their school. Today’s team continues the traditions established by their predecessors. The team’s trademark mascot Pig dates back many years, and continues to be a fixture of the Siena Men’s Rugby team, passed down from generation to generation. The team continues to span the globe on Spring Tours during the week of spring break. Siena has been represented in Ireland on numerous occasions, as well as the Bahamas and Cancun. The team always welcomes new players, and no experience is needed to play.

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