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2005 Royall Lyme Surfside Sevens

The second annual Royall Lyme Surfside 7s was held last Saturday at the Rec Center Fields in Stone Harbor. Thank you! MARFU Blue, Sucher Dupers, captained by RAF, Shockers, Second City, White Horse, Lancaster, NYAC all winners! MARFU Blue defeated MARFU Gray 24-19 in the Premier Final.

The Windrift With the beachfront Windrift Hotel and restaurant helping sponsor the event and located right across the street from the main pitch, Surfside is blessed to have such an awesome partnership! Sandy spectators did line our fields. Friends and family alike came to the beach to enjoy a day of rugby, fun and sun at the second annual Royall Lyme Surfside Sevens tournament.

MAUNALOA TROPHY - VERY OPEN GJ “Duper” Sucher led the Sucher Dupers to the VERY open 2005 Surfside 7s Championship defeating all (but one) takers by a large margin. Less the blowouts, the Suchers managed one close match with a one-try victory over the Sucher Sucher Dupers (Sucher’s ‘second’ side). Congratulations to all who participated in the VERY Open Division while keeping the true rugby spirit alive for yet another summer.

ROYALL LYME BERMUDA LTD. Surfside is proud to have Royall Lyme Bermuda LTD. as the title sponsor for the 2005 Surfside 7s Tournament! We really appreciate it! Royall Lyme appeared on the rugby balls, on the pint glasses, on the hats and on the tournament banner. Check out Royall Lyme @ www.royalllymebermuda.com and in your favorite Brooks Brothers store.

PHOTOS If you are interested in photos for print, go to Surfside photos online you can check out the slideshow and order prints if you’d like. If anyone has more photos to share, send them to siano@surfsidesevens.com and I’ll post them.

SURFSIDE OAHU & KONA TROPHY MARFU Blue defeated MARFU Gray 24-19 in the Premier Final for the Oahu Trophy. NYAC took care of Philly-Whitemarsh for the Kona Trophy. Congratulations to both MARFU teams for making the final and to NYAC I and II, PWRFC and Lehigh for an awesome Premier division!


MAUI TROPHY As expected the Syracuse faired well winning for the second year in a row bringing home the Maui Trophy after defeating the Shoskers in their final 15-10. Steve Frey led the Shockers with two tries in the final. Rubyn scored twice and Sale once for Syracuse. Thanks to Syracuse for a great tournament!

LANAI TROPHY Right down to one minutes before the kickoff horn, it looked like the Flying Rhino’s from Drew U were going to steal the Lanai Trophy. White Horse and the Flying Rhino’s were scheduled for a 13th place trophy match. The Rhino’s, as they were all day, were ready to go … White Horse was nowhere to be found. Drew had not won a game all day, while White Horse, after two first round defeats, managed a 12-12 tie with Albright in their last preliminary match. Turns out the White Horse boys were at the beach taking in the sun, sand and surf. Scurrying back from the beach just before kickoff, White Horse soundly defeated Drew for the trophy. Referee Tom Tani’s alma mater Drew University almost had it! Next year! Yes, there’s always next year.

MOLOKI TROPHY Second City Troop captured the Moloki Trophy as they outlasted Albright College in the final 21-5. In the semi’s, Second City took it to Doylestown 19-5 with tries by Parker, Murray and Stowe. In the other semi, Albright won a squeaker as Will Brennan scored his second try of the match to defeat South Jersey 22-17.

KAUI TROPHY In the last final of the day, the Ancient Order of Hibernian Color Guard escorted the Lancaster Roses and Princeton AC on to the field. The Hibernian garb looked so Irish you could almost hear the bagpipes playing as they marched to center field in prefect unison. … A little joke there as the scheduled bagpiper got caught in traffic on the way to the match. No time to wait … there was No rugby time at Surfside as the horn controlled the day! Princeton, last year’s Kane Trophy winner, and the Lancaster Roses each went undefeated in preliminary action. To get to the final, the Lancaster Roses defeated the Delaware Destroyers as Miller scored once and Sean Mercier scored twice and converted twice for the Roses in a 19-10 semi-final win. Princeton had an easier time in their semi defeating Media 24-nil. Chris Sedlak, Budaniksy, Botello and Jon Stavrou scored Princeton’s tries. In the final, the Lancaster Roses went out to a 17-7 halftime lead with tries by Kyle McAlister and Sean Mercie and a converted try by Andy Carroll. Rich Beck scored a first half try for Princeton; Jon Stavrou converted. In the second half, Andy Carroll converted a second try by Mercie to put Lancaster up 24-7. Then Princeton AC came roaring back with a second try by Beck, a try by Stavrou and then a try by Chris Sedlak with no time left on the clock. The conversion attempt from the corner went wide and Lancaster held on for the Kaui trophy.

REFEREES Support your Referees!! Surfside Referees. So, did you figure out what Royall Lyme is yet? HINT: it makes you smell really good! www.royalllymebermuda.com There were plenty of free samples at the tournament! Thanks Royall Lyme.

Location: Stone Harbor Rec Center   Field 1   Field 2

9:00 AM Sucher Dupers 36-7 K-Town Bouys ---- Windrifters VERY 10-20 Dirty Dogs
9:28 AM Syracuse 26-31 K-Town Boys ---- Windrifters OPEN 5-24 Delaware Destoyers
9:46 AM South Jersey 0-33 EPRU Blues U19 ---- Media Rugby 24-12 Saint Joe’s U
10:04 AM Doylestown 26-10 White Horse ---- Princeton AC 17-0 Albright College
10:22 AM Second City 14-22 The Shockers ---- Lancaster Roses 51-0 Flying Rhino's
10:40 AM MARFU Blue 17-7 PWRFC ---- Dirty Dogs 5-15 K-Town Bouys
10:58 AM MARFU Gray 51-7 Lehigh Valley ---- Dirty Dogs 0-20 Sucher Sucher Dupers
11:16 AM Windrifters OPEN 10-20 K-Town Boys ---- Syracuse 10-10 Delaware Destoyers
11:34 AM Media Rugby 19-12 EPRU Blues U19 ---- South Jersey   19-10 Saint Joe’s U
11:52 AM Princeton AC 36-5 White Horse ---- Second City 36-0 Flying Rhino's
12:10 PM Doylestown 14-15 Albright College ---- Lancaster Roses 26-12 The Shockers
12:28 PM NYAC II 17-19 PWRFC ---- Sucher Sucher Dupers 10-15 Sucher Dupers
12:46 PM NYAC I 42-0 Lehigh Valley ---- Sucher Sucher Dupers 20-5 Windrifters VERY
1:04 PM Syracuse 42-0 Windrifters OPEN ---- Delaware Destoyers 29-5 K-Town Boys
1:22 PM South Jersey 7-36 Media Rugby ---- Saint Joe’s U 10-19 EPRU Blues U19
1:40 PM Lancaster Roses 15-12 Second City ---- Princeton AC 17-12 Doylestown
1:58 PM The Shockers 24-5 Flying Rhino's ---- White Horse 12-12 Albright College
2:16 PM MARFU Blue 52-0 NYAC II ---- Wilm Touch  1-1 Dirty Dingoes
2:34 PM NYAC I 14-19 MARFU Gray        
2:52 PM Albright College 9 22-17  South Jersey 12 ---- Second City-10 19-5 Doylestown - 11
3:10 PM EPRU Blues U19 5 15-22 Syracuse 8 ---- The Shockers-6 24-0 K-Town Boys - 7
3:28 PM Lancaster 1 19-10  Delaware Destoyers 4 ---- Media Rugby-2 0-24 Princeton AC-3
3:46 PM MARFU Blue - I 31-0 NYAC I - IV ---- Wilm Touch 2-2  Columbia Touch
4:04 PM MARFU Gray - II 12-5 PWRFC - III       Open  5th  - MAUI Trophy        
4:22 PM The Shockers - 6  10-15 Syracuse - 8 ---- Saint Joe’s U - 14  F Windrifters OPEN15
4:40 PM VERY Open 1st - Maunaloa Trophy - Sucher Dupers  Open 13th-Lanai Trophy ---- Open 9th-MOLOKI Trophy  White Horse-13 42-5  Flying Rhino's-16
4:58 PM Albright College 9 5 - 21 Second City 10        
5:16 PM Premier 3rd - Kona Trophy ---- VERY Open 5th Place   PWRFC - III 24-5 NYAC I - IV        
5:34 PM Premier 1st - Oahu Trophy ---- VERY Open 3rd - Kilauea Trophy   MARFU Blue - I 24-19 MARFU Gray - II        
5:52 PM Open 1st - Kaui Trophy  Lancaster 1 24-22  Princeton AC - 3        
6:10 PM MARFU Blue-Gray Game - not played ---- Dirty Dingoes 3-3  Columbia Touch

About Surfside Sevens

Surfside Sevens is a tournament founded and developed by Amy and Stephen Siano. Amy Siano designed the logo and designed and built the first of many websites. Stephen Siano developed the concept for the tournament. The timing of the event with the unique horn system was noticed by Stephen Siano during the Taupiri Sevens in New Zealand in which Stephen played. Stephen brought the concept back to the USA and developed the tournament a the beach.

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