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2006 Royall Lyme Surfside Sevens

July 29, 2006 - Stone Harbor -- Syracuse wins again - shock everyone - except themselves!! Other trophies were picked up by MARFU, Morris, Kutztown U19, the Hibos U19, Flip Flops and Brandywine. Congratulations to all participants. It was an awesome day of rugby!

2006 Royall Lyme Surfside Sevens Tournament Starts and Ends On-Time!

For all the nay-sayers out there ... the 2006 Royall Lyme Surfside Sevens tournament started promptly at 8:45 in 2006 and ended right on time at 6:01. Thirty-three teams participated each playing a minimum of three games.

About Surfside Sevens

Surfside Sevens is a tournament founded and developed by Amy and Stephen Siano. Amy Siano designed the logo and designed and built the first of many websites. Stephen Siano developed the concept for the tournament. The timing of the event with the unique horn system was noticed by Stephen Siano during the Taupiri Sevens in New Zealand in which Stephen played. Stephen brought the concept back to the USA and developed the tournament a the beach.

Surfside Sevens

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