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A Closer Look at Beyond Rugby Bermuda

On August 10, the Atlantic Rugby Cup doubleheader features the Republic of Texas All-Stars vs Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars match followed by the highly anticipated USA Islanders vs the Saracens match. Coverage begins at 4:15pm ET [5:15pm ADT] live in the Bermuda National Sports Centre and will be streamed online on FloRugby.com. But these matches are more than just a game; the event benefits Beyond Rugby Bermuda, a non-profit dedicated to instilling core values and positive life changes focusing on at-risk Bermuda youth.

Goals of Beyond Rugby Bermuda

Beyond growing the rugby community on the island, Beyond Rugby Bermuda hopes to get students back in school and off the streets.

Beyond Rugby helps students graduate high school by giving them incentives to stay in school and to work hard. Besides helping these students stay off the streets and stay in school, Beyond Rugby also teaches these students many different values as well as good qualities that can be applied to everyday life. 

Beyond Rugby works specifically with two schools in Bermuda, Cedarbridge High School and Dellwood Middle School. The Dellwood Middle School Principal Lisa Marshall had a lot of great things to say about Beyond Rugby. She said, "It's been an awesome program. They come, they have a snack and do some homework, and then they go to play rugby. A sport that not many children got involved in but has become quite popular because of the Beyond Rugby program."

Former WWE Star John Layfield Discusses Beyond Rugby

John Layfield, founder of Beyond Rugby Bermuda and former wrestling star, gave us insight into why he started this program for youth.

"Beyond Rugby started a few years ago, using sports as a means for change. There is a 50% school dropout rate for black Bermudian youths, which Beyond Rugby provides a solution to. I chose rugby for an important reason because it is a team sport. All you need is a ball and a pitch, and it allows our young men to run around, knocking each other over and then shake hands after."
- John Layfield

Beyond Rugby's efforts have led to decreased dropout rates and a increased sense of camaraderie between peers and schools.

Beyond Rugby Gives Back to Bermuda Community

Besides learning more about the sport of rugby and how to better themselves, the Beyond Rugby program volunteers in many different community service opportunities. Players learn about their community, its history, and the value of giving back every time they volunteer around the island. Read Beyond Rugby Gives Back To Bermuda »

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