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College Fair at the Bowl Series

Signup to visit the 2016 College Fair at the Bowl Series as a high school student on Nov 19th or 20th.

Colleges attending the Bowl Series at Iona College November 18-20 will participate in a college fair.

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Representatives from the schools involved, as well as their rugby programs, will be on hand to talk to high school students who want more information or are interested in attending. While we haven't confirmed all of the colleges attending the Bowl Series yet, Buffalo, AIC, Iona, Stony Brook, Fordham, Rutgers, and UMass are expected to attend. The likes of Temple and others will be there.

Army and New England College plan to attend the College Fair over the weekend.

Last year, the list of teams also included St. Bonaventure, Western Michigan, Kutztown, Indiana, and South Carolina.

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