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Immerse Yourself in Bermuda's Signature Coffee Scene!

If you're in the need of a caffeine fix, Bermuda makes its famous signature style that can be found at Rock Island Coffee shop. Ideal for any artists, musicians or writers looking for a place to compose their next masterpiece, Rock Island Coffee is a favorite stomping ground for Bermudian creatives. While you enjoy your coffee or pastry, you can get an insider's look into the rich culture of Bermuda built on the arts and handmade crafts.

Try Bermuda's Locally Roasted Coffee

Rock Island Coffee is actually the only shop that provides coffee beans that have been locally roasted on the island. Not only will you be able to support Bermuda's budding artisan coffee scene, but you'll also enjoy a great cup of coffee while you're at it. Their varied menu offers everything from a cafe au lait to a chai tea, with sweet add-ins like coconut milk, caramel and chocolate!

Want to bring the coffee home? Rock Island actually makes small-batch roasts available to order online, so you'll be able to bring the flavor of Bermuda back with you.

Snack on Delicious Fresh Baked Goods

Have a sweet tooth? Rock Island Coffee has you set. Enjoy fresh baked goods on the daily, with a delectable selection of cookies, muffins, scones, croissants, cakes, breads, date bars, and macaroons. Delicious served on their own or with coffee, Rock Island's baked goods also have dairy-free options for the discerning palate, as well as bulk ordering if you're looking to share!

With fan-favorite coffee and fresh baked goods with a local Bermudian touch, Rock Island Coffee is a must visit. Enjoy the creativity of the artist community, or simply relax in the calming ambience of the shop.

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