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John Barritt & Son Ltd. Donates to 2017 Atlantic Rugby Cup

In this exclusive interview with URugby, John Broker talks to Bruce Barritt at John Barritt & Son Ltd., about the company's generous sponsorship of the Atlantic Rugby Cup 2017. Bruce Barritt talks about the history and founding of the company, as well as the importance of supporting communities. Watch to find out more on the company, as well as his thoughts on the #ISLvsSAR upcoming match.

Sponsoring The Atlantic Rugby Cup

We're proud to announce John Barritt & Son Ltd., the maker of Barritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer, as a sponsor for the Atlantic Rugby Cup 2017. John Barritt & Son Ltd. generously donated their zesty ginger soft drink and bottled water for the Saracens vs USA Islanders match on August 10 at 7:30 ADT. We appreciate their support of the charity match where all proceeds benefit Beyond Rugby Bermuda. Beyond Rugby is an organization seeking to instill core values and build positive futures turning young at-risk kids into productive student athletes.

About John Barritt & Son Ltd.

John Barritt & Son Ltd. is a global soft drinks distributor and manufacturer, founded in 1874. The business has remained in the family ever since, becoming John Barritt & Son when Frederick G. Barritt joined the firm in 1903. Fred's sons Leon and Bobby joined the firm in 1923 and 1950 respectively and today the fifth generation of the Barritt family, Bruce and Fred, continue the proud Heritage of selling Bermuda's Best Beverages, including Barritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer.


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