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Local Philadelphia Clubs Come Together to Form 2017 Summer Rugby Camp

Three rugby clubs, all members of EPRU, will come together this summer to put together the 2017 Rugby Camp at the Frankford Boy & Girls Club.  The collaborating clubs include Schuykill River RFC, Philadelphia Women's RFC, and North Philadelphia RFC.

Club Members are Excited to Share Love of Rugby to the Youth

Many members of these clubs are have been quoted speaking of the excited and joy that comes with sharing the love for the game with the youth. One person who is involved heavily is Schuykill River RFC Player James Brunson. Brunson said, "It’s all about the kids. When you give some of your time and energy to put a smile on a kid’s face it’s extremely rewarding. Rugby is a game that I love so I’m looking forward to helping grow that same love for the game with these kids over the summer.” 

Others who are involved in this new camp also come with experience is creating youth programs in the past. Kate Hallinan is one of these people, who is currently the captain of Philadelphia Women's RFC. She was heavily involved with the creation of the Philly Girls in Motion Youth Rugby Program. “Community service is a big part of my team’s identity and we really enjoy working with these kids," Hallinan said in a recent quote. "We’ve been going back and forth with Schuylkill and the Nomads since December to figure out a way that we could all work together on a larger scale so it’s great to have this opportunity.”

Schuykill River RFC Board Member Ryan McHugh is excited to give back to a program that he was once involved in. He said "I grew up right around the corner from the Boys and Girls Club so I’m pumped to have an opportunity to give back to my community and help teach these kids the greatest sport on earth. When Rafiq from the Club asked us about doing extra sessions over the summer it was a no brainer for me.”

Rugby Comes ... Together Speaking Highly of Each Other

Although these clubs may be very competitive on the pitch, off the pitch they have nothing but respect and praise for each other. Dave Codell, President of Schuykill River RFC, had many great things to say about Philadelphia Women's RFC. Codell said, "Philadelphia Women’s RFC is known throughout the area for their stellar play on the field and for their level of commitment to doing community service work off the field. We are thankful that they invited us to participate in their flag rugby program with the Boys and Girls Club back in December and for the fact that we all have the opportunity to run such a great program together."

Dave Codell also made it a point to give credit to North Philadelphia Nomads RFC for their presence that already exists in youth rugby. "The Nomads, and their incredible coaching staff, also deserve a ton of credit for the work that they have put in to grow the game and to serve as mentors for the young athletes that they are developing on a daily basis."

There was one last organization to be grateful for during this camp, and that was the Boys & Girls Club according to Dave Codell. He said, "The most credit however, goes to staff of the Boys and Girls Club itself for the amazing work they do day in and day out.”

2017 Summer Rugby Camp Anticipates Large Numbers

The Boys & Girls Club anticipates that there will be 130 participants in this upcoming summer program. The Club also will be increasing the amount of hours per week they are operating. During the school year, the club is only available for 15 hours a week. In the summer, the increases to 40 hours a week which is a great opportunity for the multiple rugby clubs to give back to their communities.

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