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Meet Liberty All-Stars players Jimmy Wolfer & Bryan Michel

In this exclusive interview with URugby, John talks to Liberty All-Stars players Jimmy Wolfer and Bryan Michel to get the inside scoop on how their week's going. Together, they discuss the importance of teamwork, practicing hard and learning play styles. Watch more to find out how the Liberty All-Stars plan strategy to win a rugby game.

About the Liberty All-Stars

Jimmy Wolfer is currently a scrumhalf/flyhalf/center on the Liberty All-Stars. He was recently selected to the 2017 USA Rugby All-American Second Team for Sevens.
Bryan Michel had a spectacular career at Stony Brook leading his team to a several Empire Conference Championships. In Bryan's career, the Seawolves won three straight Bowl Series matches.
The Collegiate All-Star Rugby Cup will be held in Bermuda just prior to the greatly anticipated Saracens of London vs. USA Islanders at 5:30p ADT in person, or live on at 4:15p ET [5:15 ADT] on August 10th 2017 .