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Relax at Bermuda's Serene Tobacco Bay Beach!

The island of Bermuda is naturally known for its beautiful beaches and pristine ocean water. Perfect for a tropical vacation, Bermuda's beaches are full of hidden surprises, like the famed Tobacco Bay Beach. Today, the beach remains a top tourist destination because of its unique attractions.

Set in a layaway, surrounded by unique rock formations with cozy beach and expansive, shallow bay, Tobacco Bay Beach is perfect for families and worry free fun with the concession offering a full spectrum of amazing beach experiences.

First time in Bermuda? Here are just a few activities you can do!

Learn About Tobacco Bay's History

Tobacco Bay Beach is steeped in history, with a rich past that dates back to when shipwreck survivors found tobacco on its shore, hence the apt name. It's also known for its crucial involvement in the Gunpowder Plot of 1775 within the UNESCO town of St. George’s.

Explore Coral Reefs and Aquatic Life

Due to its unusual limestone formations, Tobacco Bay Beach is home to various aquatic life and coral. Visitors are welcome to try snorkeling and get a closer look at what's under the sea! You'll be amazed at the colorful tropical fish that pass by and seashells you can collect.

Enjoy a Romantic Night Under the Stars

At night, Tobacco Bay Beach is lit with cozy bonfires, ideal for any romantic couple wanting to stargaze. Best of all, there's live music and a restaurant with an accompanying bar nearby so you can get lost in the beauty of Bermuda.

Whether you end up snorkeling to see coral reefs, learning about Tobacco Bay's history or stargazing by a bonfire, Tobacco Bay Beach is a must visit for both families and couples alike.

Tobacco Bay Beach

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