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Surfside Sevens 2012 - The Recap

The theme all along in 2012 has been the people. The people that make our sport great. And with 68 teams playing 110 matches with 14 trophies in 9 divisions there were more people at Surfside 2012 than ever before. The crowd estimated at over 1,500 people was treated to some great rugby and lots and lots of rugby fun.

A special thanks goes out to all the usual suspects. Thank you to Doug, Mike and T.J. of Boathouse Sports for providing 5 sets of custom sevens jerseys this year. Thank you to all the folks at Royall Lyme for providing samples of Royall Rugby to all participants. Thank to our ball, t-shirt, draw string bag and pint glass sponsors, Joe O'Brien, Tatonka, Owen McCarron, Chris Ryan, Richard Paquin and Jimbo Rosato.

Our magazine was a big hit this year, so thanks to our staff and designers at 4:3 including my wife Amy, Lisa Held, Rachel Schimitz and Christina Minopoli. Thank you to our magazine sponsors including Joe and Donal at USA Sevens, Louis Tulio, Bill Muscara, Marsh Pennington, Tim Orenbuch, Bonnie's Toppings, Morey's Piers, Steve Prince, Tryod Rugby, Keith Cassidy, the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union, 4:3, Julian Sur and Marsh Pennington. Thanks to our contributors Clark DeLeon, Emil Signes and Ed Hagerty.

A special shout out to Andrew Ludwig, Jimbo Rosato, Marsh Pennington and Conway Maraki for preparing the fields. While we're on field prep, thanks to the Borough of Stone Harbor for pumping all the water off the Stone Harbor Fields on Friday afternoon. To Michael Di, Lex McCurry, Amy Siano, Ed Curran, Andrew and Fusco, Christina Minopoli for your tireless work the day of the event.

Mary Pennington singing the National Anthem is always a treat. Thank you so much Mary for making our tournament an event with your spectacular rendition of the honoring of the stars and stripes. Last but not least, thank you to the players, the coaches, the referees, the fans and the parents who make the event possible.

About Surfside Sevens

Surfside Sevens is a tournament founded and developed by Amy and Stephen Siano. Amy Siano designed the logo and designed and built the first of many websites. Stephen Siano developed the concept for the tournament. The timing of the event with the unique horn system was noticed by Stephen Siano during the Taupiri Sevens in New Zealand in which Stephen played. Stephen brought the concept back to the USA and developed the tournament a the beach.

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