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Bonnies Win Again 36-7 over UB

Saturday November 7, 2015 - 12:00 AM
November 7, 2015 - 12:00PM @ Marra Athletics Fields Complex

St. Bonaventure @SBURugby took a 12-0 lead into the half before pouring it on to win 36-7 over the University at Buffalo. Lots of local alumni, friends, and family come out to support the Bonnies at home.

@SBURugby Tweets

  • The men warm up as Bona prepares to take on UB. #sburfc 
  • It's 12:00 and the boys are underway! UB kicks to Bona
  • Bonaventure and UB fighting back and forth but Bona failing to get the ball out of their half.
  • John Sullivan steams through UBs defense out of the Bonaventure half but a knock on leads to a scrum to UB
  • Here comes the hot stepper Jordan "the caveman" Farrant as he cuts back inside on a great run and dishes it to Dan Dillon who puts it away!
  • Failed conversion Bonaventure leads 5-0!
  • UB knocking on Bonas door but solid Bonaventure defense forces the turnover!
  • John Sullivan with a great effort runs the ball down to UBs try line, a knock on gives UB a 5-meter scrum
  • UB forced to kick it out, line out to Bonas!
  • John Sullivan and Kyle "pot roast" Ciquera looking like a demolition team as they punch through UBs defense and Ciquera touches it down!
  • Ryan McGovern with a sophisticated kick scores the conversion!
  • Bonaventure 12 UB 0 at the half
  • That concludes the first half of today's match, Bonaventure leads by 12. An exciting 2nd half to begin shortly! #SBU SBURFC
  • The 2nd half has begun! Bona kicks to UB and explosive defense forces a line out to Bonas
  • Bonas showing some life as Luis "Swaggy-Lu" punches in 2 quick tries. That's correct we said 2 TRIES!!!!!
  • One Conversion of the two converted by Ryan McGovern! Bonas leads by 24!
  • Christian Artuso playing like a mad man and forces a great turnover!
  • Scratch that Artuso looks like a hungry lion amongst gazelles as he takes off down the field and touches it down for a try!
  • McGovern punches in the conversion! Bonaventure leads 31-0
  • UB makes a great effort and puts it away in the corner. Followed by a spectacular conversion kick. Bona still leads 31-7
  • Daniel "look at that beard" Dillon gets feisty as he receives a yellow card for obstruction
  • Dillon's hard fought play saves a try and leads to a Bona turnover
  • Jesus Robles turns water into wine with a miraculous juke through the defense and takes off for a great try!
  • Phil Jackling misses his only conversion ever
  • And that concludes today's match! Great outstanding play by all the Bonnies!
  • Bonnie's win in a great match to UB 36-7
  • Thanks to everyone who came out and supported. Go Bonnies! #sburfc
  • Notable shoutouts to Paul Schulick, Jordan Farrant, Daniel Dillon, Phil Jackling, and Nick Lacolla for a great four years of Bona Rugby!

Marra Athletics Fields Complex