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Boston College pulls away from Fairfield in the 2nd half

Saturday October 24, 2015 - 12:00 AM
October 24, 2015 - 12:00PM @ Grauert Field

Fairfield led at the half as they hosted ECRC powerhouse Boston College. BC pulled away in the 2nd half 66-20.

This is the day of the Fairfield Homecoming Rugby Fest at Grauert Field. A B-side game, alumni match and ceremony will be held before the noon game against BC. 

BC Twitter Feed

  • A-side is kicking off to Farfield to start. Go Eagles!
  • 3 point conversion made by Joey D'Antonio. BC 3: Farfield 0
  • Try scored by Liam D'arcy, conversion missed. BC leads 8-0.
  • Try scored by Tom Edwards through the assistance of the Fast and Powerful, Tom Whittam. Conversion missed. BC continues to lead 13-0.
  • Farfield scores and converts a try making it 13-7.
  • Farfield puts in another try and conversion making it 13-14 Farfield.
  • Time stopped for an injury for Farfield.
  • Conversion made by Farfield. Farfield leads 17-13.
  • 17-13 at the half. BC will be receiving at the start of the second.
  • Dan Casey scores making it BC 18-17. Conversion is missed
  • Farfield makes a 3 pt conversion making it BC 25-20.
  • Danny Schatzman scores and the try is converted making it BC 32-20
  • Conversion made by Joey D'. BC leads 35-20.
  • Connor Shaw breaks some ankles to score. Conversion also made making it 42-20.
  • Mike Demakos scores a try making it BC 50-20.
  • Tim Burke scores making it BC 55-20.
  • Willy Hock returns the kick to score making it BC 59-20.
  • Danny Schatzman scores making it 66-20 with the conversion.
  • Final Score BC 66- Farfield 20

BC remained unbeaten after their 39-20 win over UMass on 10/17. Fairfield is 1-4 after a loss to AIC on 10/10.

Grauert Field