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Mid-American Championship: Bowling Green edges Western Michigan

Sun, Nov 08, 2015 - 12:00 am ADT
November 8, 2015 - 1:00PM @ Mid-American Conference Championship

In a match where the lead changed six times, including four times in the last ten minutes, Bowling Green .@BGSUMensRugby scored on the last play of the match to pull ahead of Western Michigan for the final time.

In a tweet that was listed as being in the 80th minute by @BGSUMensRugby, Bowling Green center Griffin Palmer chipped ahead to Adam Regini who picked it up and scored the winning try. Nick Ross's conversion sealed the 34-29 victory and MAC Championship for the Falcons.

Western Michigan will be attending the 2015 ACRC Bowl Series in a match against St. Bonaventure. Bowling Green has yet to confirm their participation in 2015, but is tentatively scheduled to play James Madison University in a Saturday morning match. JMU is in the final four of the Keystone Rugby Conference which will be settled on the weekend of Nov 14-15.

This is the second year in a row that Western Michigan has lost to Bowling Green in the Mid-American Conference Championship Match.

Bowling Green State Univ. Twitter Feed @BGSUMensRugby

  • National anthem has concluded and we are waiting for kickoff
  • Kick is up and we are under way in this championship
  • 1' scrum awarded to Western at center field.
  • 2' off an early drive by The BGSU pack, a penalty for early push is called, and Western sets up to kick for point
  • 3' kick for points is no good. BGSU on the attack.
  • 4' after returning kicks to each other, BGSU run the ball up to mid field
  • 5' BGSU unluckily knock the ball around the opposite 22 meter line. Scrum down to the Broncos
  • 7' penalty awarded to BGSU for a high tackle. Ross kicks for touch and BGSU Lineout is awarded to BG
  • 8' BGSU lose possession at a ruck. Western is working their way down the field.
  • 11' McNamara is sent to the sin bin for not rolling away.
  • 12' Western kicks for points and take the lead 3-0
  • 14' Western returns a clearance kick to score in the corner. The kick is no good to make the score 8-0
  • 16' beautiful kick by Powell, and a Lineout is given to Western
  • 17' the Lineout is stolen, and Ross breaks the line for a score in the middle.
  • Self converted kick and the score is 8-7 for WMU
  • 18' Western kicks deep and BGSU clears the ball for a Western Lineout
  • 19' Palmer with a HUGE collision to force a knock on. BGSU scrum.
  • 20' Ten Brink with a close interception, but sadly knocks the ball on and an intentional knock is called
  • 21' Western is lining up to kick for points.
  • 21' kick is good. Broncos 11 Falcons 7
  • 22' McNamara is back in the game.
  • 23' Western is penalized for hands in the ruck. Kick for touch and A Lineout in the Broncos zone is next.
  • 25' after a great succession of plays, the ball goes out of bounds and Western throw the Lineout
  • 26' messy ball and Viancourt jumps on a loose ball. BGSU is again on the attack.
  • 28' BGSU awarded a penalty and the ball is set for a kick for point.
  • 28' the kick is good and the score is now 11-10 for the Broncos.
  • 30' BGSU is penalized on their own 10 meter line for a late hit.
  • 31' the ball is kicked into touch and it will be a Lineout for the Broncos deep in the BGSU territory
  • 32' Ball was stolen in the Lineout, and BGSU clears the ball a little down field for another Western Lineout
  • 32' with Western on offense, they are driven back about 25 meters. Great defense by BG
  • 34' BGSU is pressing, and a knock on by Western. BGSU scrum in the Western half
  • 35' Western penalized off the scrum and the kick is taken quickly.
  • 36' BGSU penalized and Western looks for touch.
  • 37' Western Lineout is mishandled and Adujar makes a big hit.
  • 37' Forward pass by Western, and a BGSU scrum on the Western 10 meter line
  • 38' off the scrum, the backs find a hole and Adam Regini touches the ball down!
  • 38' kick by Ross is no good, and the score is 15-11 for BG
  • 39' Lineout to Western after a kick for touch by BG
  • 39' Lineout is stolen. BGSU is on the attack.
  • 40' ball is lost forward and half is called
  • Halftime: BGSU 15 WMU 11
  • Second half is under way!
  • 41' Palmer and Ten Brink with a great run down field
  • 42' ball comes to McNamara and a great dummy. Offload to Mockus for a try!!
  • 42' The score is now 20-11 in favor of BG
  • 43' Scrum down for Western in the BGSU territory.
  • 45' Western is pressing and retaining their ball.
  • 46' Regini catches a ball perfectly and the ball is ran out of bounds at the 25. Western Lineout.
  • 48' scrum down to BGSU after a Western knock
  • 49' beautiful clearance kick by Ross
  • 50' BGSU penalized and Western ball at Mid field.
  • 50' Lineout to Western
  • 51' BGSU penalized and Western is setting up to kick for points.
  • 52' kick is no good, and BGSU kicks the ball off a 22 Lineout.
  • 53' Western touches the ball down in the corner off a return from the 22 Lineout kick.
  • 53' The kick is no good and the score is 20-16 for BG
  • 55' kickoff is short and a scrum to Western follows
  • 55' penalty against BGSU in the scrum. Western ball.
  • 56' Mockus given a yellow card for a no wrap tackle.
  • 60' some messy play, but BGSU is awarded a penalty. They kick for touch and waiting for their Lineout.
  • 61' A ball is intercepted and Western scores on a long run. Kick is no good and the score is 21-20 in favor of Western.
  • Andujar and McNamara are subbed out for Cranmer and Igboaka
  • 65' BGSU drive the Western maul out of bounds and BGSU is given the ball.
  • 66' ball is lost out of bounds by BG
  • 68' Western works the ball down and scores in the corner.
  • 69' Kick is no good and score is 26-20
  • 70' Ted Rink catches a kick to retain possession
  • 71' BGSU scrum on the Western 5 meter line.
  • 72' the ball is spun around for 3 phases and Nick Ross scores again!!! Kick is next.
  • 73' Ross kicks the conversion and BGSU takes the lead 27-26
  • 74' ball is carried out by BGSU and Western Lineout
  • 76' wonderful BGSU defense
  • 76' BGSU penalized in their own zone. kick for points to follow
  • 78' kick is good and Western takes the lead 29-27. 2 minutes left.
  • 80' scum down to BG. Time is expired and this is our final play.
  • 80' chip kick by Palmer and Regini picks it up for a score!!!!!
  • We are waiting for the final whistle 
  • Final: BGSU 34 WMU 29

Mid-American Semi-Finals

Western Michigan 46 - Dayton 5

Bowling Green 65 - Ohio Univ 5

Mid-American Conference Championship