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Weekend Sevens: ACRL, SCRC and Dayton Results

Kutztown Wins #ACRL7s - Raleigh

Kutztown U (4-0) played well all day for the second week in a row going 4-0 and defeating Virginia Tech (2-2) by a comfortable 41-7 margin in the final. Virginia Tech made it to the final with a 2-1 pool record. Kutztown defeated Wake Forest, Northeastern and James Madison on their path to the final. Read More »

Gamecocks defeat Vols in #SCRC7s - Gainesville

The University of South Carolina (5-0) defeated the Tennessee Volunteers (3-2) twice Saturday to win the #SCRC7s in Gainesville. The result was South Carolina over Tennessee 20-5 in pool play, but it was much closer in the final as the Gamecocks won by a margin of just six points by a score of 27-21. Read More »   

Michigan Wins the #UD7s at Dayton University

Notre Dame College faced the University of Michigan in the Dayton 7s finals Saturday. The University of Michigan came out on top 26-10. The wolverines scored decisive wins over MSU, Kent State and Dayton on their way tp the championship game. Read More »