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SCRC Semifinal: South Carolina 34 v Alabama 27

Sat, Nov 14, 2015 - 12:00 am ADT
November 14, 2015 - 5:00PM @ UA Recreation Fields

In a back and forth battle, the Gamecocks @CockRugby erased a 17-3 deficit scoring 24 unanswered points before @AlabamaRugby regained their composure and made a game of it. South Carolina prevailed 34-27.

Man of the Match honors for South Carolina went to 8 man Mike Mahon & scrum half Brian Keown. Up next, the Gamecocks travel to Charlotte, NC on Saturday, Nov. 21 to play the undefeated Tennessee Volunteers in the Southeastern Rugby Championship Final.

East #2 South Carolina @CockRugby traveled to West #1 Alabama @AlabamaRugby on November 14, 2015 to battle in the SCRC Semifinal and the chance to compete for the SCRC championship at the ACRC Bowl Series in Charlotte NC


  • @CockRugby kicks off in their first playoff match of the season against the University of Alabama.
  • 1st score @AlabamaRugby Taylor scores!
  • Alabama touches down the first try of the game. Alabama 7 - Carolina 0
  • Kick from Ignacio is good
  • Ignacio with a kick Bama up 10-0
  • SC kick makes it 10-3
  • Score and kick by Bama makes it 17-3! ROLL TIDE!
  • 20-17 Gamecocks after try and conversion is good.
  • After another try and succesful conversion it is 27-17!
  • Bama comes back to score after a turnover to make it 22-27
  • Gamecocks add another 7 to make the score 34-22
  • Bama scores to make it 27-34
  • Gamecocks win!!  Final score is 34-27

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