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Southampton Rangers Football Club and Horseshoe Bay

Southampton Rangers Sports Club is a 5-10 minute walk from Warwick Camp Barracks and has been reserved for teams to train ahead of the Ariel Re Bermuda 7s.

The sports club has a soccer and cricket pitch. The field is not marked for rugby and does not have posts, but the surface is firm and flat. It's an excellent pitch to stretch your legs and get a few things done.

The Southampton Rangers Sports Club pitch is across South Shore Road from Horseshoe Bay.

Warwick Camp is the housing location for the 2016 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s2017 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s2018 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s2019 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s, 2023 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s, and the 2024 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s to be played at the Bermuda National Stadium.

2024 Training Schedule TBD

Example:2020 Training and Activity Schedule

Rangers Training 8:00am - 4:00pm daily

Wednesday, Mar 11 2020

Available: 8:00a - 4:00p Rangers Sports Club

Thursday, Mar 12 2020

 8:00a ________ () Rangers Sports Club 
 9:00a ________ () Rangers Sports Club
10:00a Stony Brook (18) Rangers Sports Club
11:00a Rowan M (11) Rangers Sports Club
12:00p Christendom (11) Rangers Sports Club
1:00p-2:00p Maryland (11) Rangers Sports Club
2:00p-3:30p Norwich (12), NE U23 (9) Rangers Sports Club
3:30p-4:00p Loyola M (11) Rangers Sports Club

Colgate (23), training with Beyond Rugby

Friday, Mar 13 2020

 8:00a ________ () Rangers Sports Club 
 9:00a ________ () Rangers Sports Club
10:00a ________ () Rangers Sports Club
11:00a ________ () Rangers Sports Club
Colgate (23), looking to train Friday am
4:00p 7s Tournament (until 9:30p) National Stadium

Saturday, Mar 14 2020

11:00p/12:00p 7s Tournament ​(until 5:30p/6:00p) National Stadium

Not Yet Scheduled for Training

Northeast U23 (9)
TIRF (15) Arrive 5:40 Thursday evening
Wisconsin (17)
Rowan Women (12)
UBC (not staying in the barracks)

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