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The College at Brockport

Brockport State is honored to be part of the Empire Rugby Conference and looks forward to the continued development of rugby in the region. Brockport State Rugby has a long rugby tradition dating back to the early formation of a rugby club on campus by John Barclay in 1970-71.

The club was one of the founding members of the original Upstate Rugby Union in the early 70's and has been an integral part of the continued maturity of collegiate rugby in the region as college rugby became distinct from city based men's clubs throughout the later 70's and early 80's.

From the club’s inception in the early 70’s to now, Brockport State has been known for a very physical “smash-mouth” brand of rugby. Known for very hard running players, intense defense and big hits, this style has carried the team to multiple tournament championships and league titles throughout the years. Many Brockport State players have gone on to be integral A side players on top men’s clubs across the US, with at least one being honored to represent the US at the international level.

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The alumni also have a strong tradition of representing Brockport Rugby by gathering at least once a year for tournaments and have been an integral and very successful participant in the Can-Am Rugby tournament each year in the Adirondacks, entering at least 3 teams and fostering the connection between young and old players who have represented Brockport State Rugby throughout the past 4 decades.

The Brockport State rugby program is run and funded through the college club sports department, with additional support from the extended alumni network at large.

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