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Rice University

The Rice Rugby Football Club was founded in 1968 by Stewart Morris, Jr, of Stewart Title Co., who to this day generously volunteers his fervent involvement and support for the Club. The founding marked the beginning of a winning tradition in the Texas Rugby Union and an opportunity for hundreds of Rice students to balance the rigors of academic life with athletic competition among the finest athletes in Texas.

The Club celebrates its' rich and storied history with the support of an expansive and heavily involved alumni association, a welcome result of the intense bonds of brotherhood forged on the pitch. Representing every academic major and residential college at Rice, the Club functions as an athletic, social and service organization, constantly reflecting on the quality and character of the men who fight for Rice's honor on the rugby pitch.

Over the course of our 30+ years of history, the Rice Rugby Football Club has borne witness to the most unrivaled athletes, assiduous scholars, and many of the most prurient, hell-raising party animals to ever traverse the Sallyport.

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