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The Aggie Rugby Club was established in 1969. Although always having a history of winning, it has made significant strides within the past decade and continues to improve. Since 1999 the team has won 9 Texas Championships and has taken several playoff trips to both the regional and national level, elevating itself above all other clubs in the state.

The Aggies actually played their first match in the fall of 1968 in Aggieland, but only amongst themselves. The spring brought even a few more matches against the three original rugby clubs in Texas, Austin, Galveston and Rice, which all started in 1967.

Six or seven of the players up at College Station in the fall 1968 and the spring 1969 were in the Maritime Academy and went down to Galveston in the fall of 69. This is the reason Galveston had a good team in the early 70's and were one of the few teams to beat A&M during the early 70's. Jaime Moore' 72 was one of these players and went back to A&M to finish up his degree in the spring of 1973 and played for A&M again then. Philip Kelly '71, who is now a rugby coach at the University of Colorado also played at A&M in 1968/1969 and was one of the founders and organizers of the club. Philip also went down to Galveston to play after his A&M years. Roger P. Boos '68, a visiting professor from Argentina, was very instrumental in the success of the club in the 1970s.

A&M won around 100 out of 105 games in the early 70's.

The first TRU Select Side was in 1976 against a team from Nairobi, Kenya, and a few Aggies, including strong side wing Jaime Moore '72, played in that match.

The first Old Maroon game is not recorded, but the first Golden Oldies tournament that a team from Texas entered was 1981 in Long Beach. Players from many Texas teams participated, including a few Aggies.

Since 1999 the Aggies have won 9 Texas League championships.

Thanks to Jaime Moore '72 for contribution to the TAMURFC's History.

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