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John Barritt & Son Ltd. Sponsors the 2017 Atlantic Rugby Cup

We're proud to announce John Barritt & Son Ltd. as a sponsor for the 2017 Atlantic Rugby Cup. Barritt & Son Ltd. generously donated bottled water and drinks for the Saracens vs USA Islanders match on August 10 at 7:30 ADT. We appreciate their support of the charity match which raises money for Beyond Rugby Bermuda, an organization seeking to instill core values and build positive futures for at-risk kids in Bermuda.

John Barritt & Son Ltd.

John Barritt & Son Ltd. is a family owned and operated soft drink firm that has been going for 5 generations. Today, they distribute a wide selection of well-known beverage brands, such as Welch's juice, Powerade sports drinks, and Evian bottled water. Starting in 1874, John Barritt & Son has been in business 12 years longer than the Coca-Cola Company. In 1927, John Barritt & Son became the 9th overseas bottler of Coca-Cola.

In Bermuda, John Barritt & Son Ltd. is well known for its ginger beer, which is a local favorite for its zesty carbonated ginger flavor.

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Beyond Rugby Bermuda

Beyond Rugby Bermuda is a partnership between the Family Center and Bermuda Rugby Football Union. They work with kids at two schools in Bermuda, Cedarbridge High School & Dellwood Middle School using core values of rugby help develop young people.

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The Atlantic Rugby Cup

The tradition of the Atlantic Rugby Cup continues in Bermuda. The Atlantic Rugby Cup 2017 features 2 matches, the URugby Collegiate All-Star Cup and the USA Islanders vs Saracens. The URugby Collegiate All-Star Cup is a first-ever match for the Cup and is positioned as lead in match for the USA Islanders vs Saracens (London). Both matches make up the Atlantic Rugby Cup 2017.

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