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West Virginia Takes Keystone Title

Saturday November 8, 2014 - 12:00 AM
November 8, 2014 - 1:00PM @ Mylan Park

West Virginia University held on in a torrid second half to defeat St. Joseph’s 22-17 and win the Keystone Rugby Conference.

Both teams had dominated their respective divisions within the Keystone and were coming off impressive semifinal wins. WVU had boasted a very solid defense while St. Joe’s a was a little more adventurous in attack. But Saturday it was about who could handle the wind, and, oddly, every single point was scored into the breeze, as teams without the wind advantage did a better job of controlling possession.

The winner of this game, West Virginia, earns a spot at the ACRC Bowl series in Charlotte, N.C. on Nov 22. 

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St. Joes (East #1) traveled to Morgantown to face West Virginia University (West #1) in the Keystone Conference championship match. 

After a hard-fought season in the East and West, WVU and St. Joes sat on top of their respective divisions. Second place division teams Pitt and Temple traveled across the keystone state to play the top seeds in the other division. The two top teams stayed on top as WVU defeated Temple and St. Joes defeated Pitt. 

Mylan Park