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Kutztown Takes St. Joe's Sevens

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#stjoes7s St. Joseph's University hosted the St. Joe's Sevens March 14 on the turf at Sweeney Field. The first match kicked off at 4:00pm and matches continued until 10:00pm on a cold, rainy day in Philadelphia.

When a March 14 tournament at Navy was canceled leaving the St. Bonaventure University rugby team high and dry with non-refundable tickets, St. Joe's head coach Shags Yarusso offered to stage a replacement tournament. Six teams signed on for the event including 2 from Temple (A,B), 2 from St. Bonaventure (A,B), Kutztown University and St. Joseph's.

Match Results

Pool A

St. Joes 45 vs Saint Bonaventure-B 0

St. Joes 15 vs Temple

Temple 53 vs Saint Bonaventure-B 

Pool B

Kutztown 33 vs Saint Bonaventure 5

Kutztown 40 vs Temple-B 0

Saint Bonaventure 26 vs Temple-B 0

Semi final match

St Joes 28 vs Saint Bonaventure 12 

Kutztown 14 vs Temple


Kutztown 40 vs St. Joes 5 

Tournament Location

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