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Kutztown travels to Penn State for Title Match

Sat, Nov 07, 2015 - 12:00 am ADT
November 7, 2015 - 1:00PM @ West Campus Fields

After a detailed discussion all week about the Rugby East point table, the league was decided by a single point as Kutztown (30 pts) squeaked out the Rugby East championship despite losing to Penn State (29 pts) . 

The championship came down to the final match and the final minutes of the season as Kutztown held on at State College. Previously undefeated KU sat on top of the standings with 30 conference points and needed every point to pull off the league title. Penn State scored just three tries but need four for the all important bonus point. 

Penn State dominated the first half of play scoring all 24 points in the first half. KU bounced back scoring 3 tries in the second, but it wasn't enough even though the Golden Bears kept the Nitney Lions off the board.

Thirty points, the maximum for six conference wins, includes a bonus point for scoring four tries or more in each contest during the season. Penn State, who lost to Army earlier in the season, had 25 points coming into the contest and had collected all five bonus points in their wins. A win and a bonus point and zero points for KU would have given Penn State a tie with KU in the point standings then a win due to a head-to-head win over KU.

All other scenarios will put the title in KUs ledger. For instance, if KU had scored four tries in the contest, they will be the Rugby East champion. If KU tied or losed by 7 points or less or if KU held Penn State to less than four tries (which they did), KU will be crowned the champion of Rugby East for 2015.

Penn State also lost to American International College in a early season non-conference match.

Kutztown University will compete against Big Ten power Indiana University at the ACRC Bowl Series at 8:30pm on November 21st at the Rugby Athletic Center in Charlotte NC. Indiana will be playing for the Big Ten championship on November 14th.

West Campus Fields