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Casual observers of the college rugby scene might wonder about the program currently sitting at #3 on the Goff Rugby Report D1 college rankings: Life University. What conference are they in? Do they play a fall 15s schedule? Where is Life University, anyway? 

Life University, located in Marietta, Ga. (near Atlanta), specializes in health science education (including sports health science) and chiropractic. The school hosts both club and varsity undergraduate rugby teams. The undergraduate program, founded in 1980 and made a varsity sport in 2010, is led by Dan Payne, a former coach for the USA Eagles national team. 

Matt Hampson of Leicester Tigers and England U-21 and more recently of Matt Hampson Foundation took time out on his birthday vacation in NYC to coach the Iona College pack in scrums and lineout drives.

Though Matt was paralyzed in a scrum, his motto is "Get busy living". He knows that safe scrums are tight, cohesive, and aggressive scrums. He used his expertise to make minor adjustments in the Iona approach that paid major dividends in one session. He also gave fantastic adjustments to players in lineout drives and changing strike points.

The top four Southeastern Conference contenders are set for the league championships in Columbia, SC on Nov 15-16. A week later, the conference champion and runner-up will travel to Charlotte for the ACRC Bowl Series.

Undefeated Stony Brook (#1) hosts Binghamton (#3) on Saturday for the final match to decided the Champion of the Empire Rugby Conference

Stony Brook defeated Fordham 54-8 on Oct. 25 to finish the Fall season at 6-0. The men of USMMA King's Point, whe finished second in the league at 5-1, had to ship out—literally—to fulfill their duty with the U.S. Merchant Marine. 

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Atlantic Coast Rugby League

Editor’s Note: Two weekends before the ACRC Bowl Series, Charlotte’s RAC plays host to another exciting rugby event culminating in the ACRL title game between Clemson and Maryland. The below press release highlights the great amenities and matches awaiting guests at the ARCL event, as well as a college seminar for players and parents interested in playing rugby in college.   

Championship men’s collegiate rugby will be taking place at South Charlotte’s own Rugby Athletic Center on November 8, 2014. A series of premier matchups will be featured throughout the day including a title contest for the Atlantic Coast Rugby League (ACRL).  

Clemson and Maryland play for the ACRC championship this weekend in Charlotte. Two weeks before playing host to the ACRC Bowl Series, the Rugby Athletic Center is the site of other high-level competition including matches between UNC and N.C. State, Charlotte RFC vs Life and the ACRL championship game. The ACRL champion and runner-up earn a berth in the Bowl Series at the RAC on Nov. 21-22. 

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St. Joe's (East #1) travels to Morgantown to face West Virginia University (West #1) in the Keystone Conference championship match. A B-Side match will follow. The winner of this game earns a spot at the ACRC Bowl Series in Charlotte, N.C. on Nov 22. 

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